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Policy Briefs

May 2020
Despite steady progress, women remain grossly underrepresented in corporate leadership worldwide. The share of women executive officers and board members increased between 1997 and 2017, but progress was not uniform. Partly in response to gender quotas, the shares of female board members have risen...

Soyoung Han (PIIE) and Marcus Noland (PIIE)

Julia Coronado (Macropolicy Perspectives) and Simon Potter (PIIE)

April 2020

Working Papers

May 2020
While the public was transfixed by the Trump administration’s policies alleging that imports were a threat to America’s national security during 2017–20, there was a concomitant and more quiet US policy shift on the export side. Addressing the national security threat presented by exports posed...

Chad P. Bown (PIIE)

PIIE Briefings

April 2020
The world's leading economic powers must cooperate more to combat the health and economic shocks resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. In a new PIIE Briefing, Peterson Institute experts outline how collective action by the Group of Twenty (G20) nations can make a difference. The PIIE agenda...

Maurice Obstfeld (PIIE) and Adam S. Posen (PIIE), editors