PIIE's scholars draw on their research to provide commentary and analysis in a broad array of formats outside the Institute. Op-eds, testimony, speeches, and scholarly papers for other organizations all aim for the highest standards of objectivity, rigor and transparency required by the Institute for its own publications. Their writings are not intended to reflect an official view of the Institute or the views of members of the Institute's Board of Directors, and authors must adhere to strict standards of disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest.


February 24, 2022
Dear Senator Warren: Thank you for your leadership in getting the Federal Reserve Board filled with qualified public servants of integrity. I support your standing up for the current slate of Board nominees under consideration by the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs and soon I hope...

Speeches & Papers

Katheryn (Kadee) Russ (PIIE), Phillip Baker (Deakin University), Manho Kang (University of California, Davis) and David McCoy (United Nations University International Institute for Global Health)

May 17, 2022
via pp. 38–83 in Global Health Governance: The Scholarly Journal For The New Health Security Paradigm (Spring 2022)

Stormy-Annika Mildner (Aspen Institute Germany), Claudia Schmucker (German Council on Foreign Relations), Clara Brandi (German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik), Anja von Moltke (UN Environment Program), Marianne Schneider-Petsinger (Chatham House), Jeffrey J. Schott (PIIE) and Davide Tentori (Italian Institute for International Political Studies)

March 29, 2022
via Global Solutions Initiative Foundation