PIIE Front Street

Transparency Policy

We disclose all sources of funding for the Institute and all sources underwriting a specific study. PIIE and outside authors must disclose to the Institute financial relationships that might bear on their research. Sources of Financial Support for PIIE have been listed annually on our website since June 2013. PIIE staff may use their Institute affiliation as identification on outside projects but must make clear when their work is not a PIIE project subject to PIIE review.

PIIE has been consistently awarded the highest possible rating by Charity Navigator in recognition of our commitment to transparency and open disclosure of funding.

Replicable Results

Intellectually honest, empirically driven research must be replicable. We make the data in our research publications available for others and encourage researchers to replicate our findings. 

Diverse Stakeholders

The diverse range of our funding sources strengthens our independence and our commitment to intellectual integrity. We receive support from about 150 corporations, foundation grants, individuals, and public institutions in the United States and abroad each year, as well as income derived from our capital fund and publication sales.

Peter G. Peterson was a cofounder of PIIE and the Peter G. Peterson Foundation has been our largest donor over many years.

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