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PIIE Charts


PIIE Charts feature topical and informative data and graphs from PIIE blogs and other Institute publications. These colorful, data-intensive, and revealing visual presentations provide a good starting point and summary of our latest analysis.

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This post, originally published on September 15, 2022, has been updated to reflect the most recent data as of September 27, 2022.

Shantayanan Devarajan (Georgetown University), Delfin S. Go (Formerly World Bank), Sherman Robinson (International Food Policy Research Institute) and Karen Thierfelder (US Naval Academy)
Luc Leruth (Tbilisi University), Adnan Mazarei (PIIE), Pierre Régibeau (European Commission) and Luc Renneboog (Tilburg University)

Olivier Blanchard (PIIE), Alex Domash (Harvard University) and Lawrence H. Summers (Harvard University)