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PIIE’s donors ensure the Institute’s ability to provide objective, nonpartisan analysis and  solutions to a wide range of issues in international economics. Your support will strengthen PIIE’s capacity to undertake independent research relevant to the challenges facing the global economy.

PIIE is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution devoted to the study of international economic policy. Since 1981, the Institute has provided objective analysis and concrete solutions to a wide range of international economic problems earning a reputation for timely, prescient and influential research.

The diverse range of our funding sources strengthens our independence and intellectual integrity. Support PIIE’s ability to fulfill its commitment to provide objective research, analysis and solutions on international economic problems by donating today. Contact Todd Herrick for details.

Independent Research

All of our research is independently conducted and held to strict standards of peer review, replicability, and academic integrity. We make the data in our research publications available for others and encourage researchers to replicate our findings. Authors must disclose to the Institute  financial relationships that might bear on their research.

While some donor funds support specific research projects, donors do not edit or determine the conclusions or policy implications drawn from Institute research. We receive support from about 150 corporations, foundation grants, individuals, and public institutions in the United States and abroad each year, as well as income derived from our capital fund and publication sales.

Sources of Financial Support [PDF] for PIIE have been listed annually on our website since 2013. You can learn more about PIIE by viewing our 990 IRS report (on GuideStar - free account registration required) or learn more by reading our Transparency Policy for additional details.

PIIE has been consistently awarded the highest possible rating by Charity Navigator in recognition of our commitment to transparency and open disclosure of funding.

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Contributions allow PIIE to continue to support PIIE’s ability to produce timely, prescient and influential research and analysis of today’s toughest international economics challenges. These can be one-time donations or made monthly or annually.