Ambassador Sin Son Ho: One Wild and Crazy Guy



Poor Haggard.  He let's North Korean apparatchiks get under his skin--even when he is on vacation! As part of its on-again/off-again charm offensive, North Korea has offered talks with the US and expressed interest in a peace treaty. But the sales tactics leave something to be desired: in his press conference at the UN, North Korea's Ambassador Sin Son Ho declares that the US started the Korean War when it instigated an invasion of North Korea; asserts that the US has nullified the Armistice Agreement that ended the hostilities; and calls for the dissolution of the UN Command. Repeatedly. Haggard was outraged by his tendentious claims and evasive answers to the questions.  So egged on by my vacationing colleague, I tried watching this video. Personally, I thought that it  came off like a really bad skit from Saturday Night Live, but then again in two attempts I never made it past roughly the 10 minute mark, so I'll just have to take Steph's word for it re the deft evasions.  I just lack Haggard's fortitude, I suppose. Anyway, what I think that this video really needs is some talented young person to subject it to some hip-hop style editing and some Autotunes treatment a la Charles Ramsey. Now that could be a charm offensive.

Witness to Transformation: we subject ourselves to North Korean press conferences so that you don't have to!

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