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PIIE's Top Reads and Views of 2015



The top 20 most read items for 2015 on the Peterson Institute for International Economics website reflect both a wide range of subjects and recurrent themes—in particular a strong interest in all things related to trade, exchange rates, and China in a year that saw the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade negotiations, a volatile stock market in Shanghai, and sharp losses in emerging-market currencies.

Here are the top 20 most viewed items across our publications—op-eds, working papers, PIIE Briefings, and Policy Briefs.

PIIE Briefing 14-3
NAFTA 20 Years Later
Cathleen Cimino-Isaacs, Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Barbara Kotschwar, Thomas F. "Mack" McLarty, Eduardo Medina Mora, Tyler Moran, Theodore H. Moran, Lindsay Oldenski, Adam S. Posen, Jaana Remes, and Jeffrey J. Schott

Policy Brief 14-25
Estimates of Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rates, November 2014
William R. Cline

Working Paper 15-7
The Future of Worldwide Income Distribution
Tomas Hellebrandt and Paolo Mauro

Policy Brief 15-8
Estimates of Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rates, May 2015
William R. Cline

The German Problem
Angel Ubide

Brazil's Perverse Development Bank Distortions Aggravate Economic Slump
Monica de Bolle

Working Paper 15-3
Financing Asia's Growth
Gemma B. Estrada, Marcus Noland, Donghyun Park, and Arief Ramayandi

Working Paper 15-4
Maintaining Financial Stability in the People's Republic of China during Financial Liberalization
Nicholas Borst and Nicholas R. Lardy

Policy Brief 12-25
Currency Manipulation, the US Economy, and the Global Economic Order
C. Fred Bergsten and Joseph E. Gagnon

PIIE Briefing 15-1
Toward a US-China Investment Treaty
C. Fred Bergsten, Cathleen Cimino-Isaacs, Gary Clyde Hufbauer, J. Bradford Jensen, Sean Miner, Theodore H. Moran, and Jeffrey J. Schott

What You Need to Know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Cathleen Cimino-Isaacs

Policy Brief 15-5
How Not to Regulate Insurance Markets: The Risks and Dangers of Solvency II
Avinash D. Persaud

The Truth about Currency Manipulation: Congress and the Trans-Pacific Partnership
C. Fred Bergsten

Policy Brief 14-23
Why Bail-In Securities Are Fool's Gold
Avinash D. Persaud

Working Paper 15-5
The Financial Sector and Growth in Emerging Asian Economies
William R. Cline

Policy Brief 14-22
Should Korea Join the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
Jeffrey J. Schott and Cathleen Cimino-Isaacs

Policy Brief 15-10
Gains from Harmonizing US and EU Auto Regulations under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
Caroline Freund and Sarah Oliver

Policy Brief 15-9
Too Much Finance, or Statistical Illusion?
William R. Cline

PIIE Briefing 15-4
India's Rise: A Strategy for Trade-Led Growth
C. Fred Bergsten

PIIE Briefing 14-5
Rebuilding Europe's Common Future: Combining Growth and Reform in the Euro Area
Ajai Chopra, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, Paolo Mauro, Adam S. Posen, Angel Ubide, and Nicolas Véron

Policy Brief 14-21
Is China's Property Market Heading toward Collapse?
Li-Gang Liu

In addition here are our top five most viewed Peterson Perspectives video interviews of the year.

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