The island of the disconnected meets the dark side of the moon



Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a very interesting discussion on how can social media and the Internet be deployed to maximize civic engagement in Iran, Cuba, and North Korea, as part of the conference “How to Ignite, or Quash, a Revolution in 140 Characters or Less “sponsored by the “Future Tense” project of the New America Foundation, Slate, and Arizona State University. The entire conference is available on the New America Foundation YouTube channel; the excerpt below is the conversation I joined with Omid Memarian, an Iranian journalist, and recipient of the 2005 Human Rights Defender Award from Human Rights Watch and Mary Jo Porter, English translator for Yoani Sanchez and other Cuban bloggers and co-founder, and Andrés Martinez, Co-Director of the Future Tense Initiative, and Director of Bernard L. Schwartz Fellows Program at New America Foundation moderated.

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