Fishermen prepare for the day with active wind turbines in the background, in Southeast Asia. Picture taken on March 18, 2023.

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Multilateral development banks are key to unlocking low-carbon investments in developing economies

Policy Briefs 23-2
Photo Credit: NurPhoto/Pradeep Dambarage


Over the next three decades, emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs), and especially middle-income countries, are projected to account for much of the growth in global economic activity and energy use. While a decisive move to low-carbon technologies and energy efficiency would advance both their development goals and a stable climate, the countries have yet to fully tap this opportunity. The multilateral development banks (MDBs) are in a unique position to help lower barriers to low-carbon investments in EMDEs and unlock these sustainable development opportunities. Their differentiating governance, financial and technical capabilities, and financing instruments would enable MDBs to support the necessary business environment and energy reforms and to cofinance low-carbon and energy efficiency investments alongside other investors to reduce and manage risks.

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