Liquefied Natural Gas Exports: An Opportunity for America

Policy Brief
February 2013

Prohibitions or restrictions on US exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) are a bad idea. LNG exports will deliver economic benefits to the US economy. The US Department of Energy should approve pending LNG export applications for projects at an advanced planning stage, in conjunction with appropriate regulation to limit environmental dangers from wells to ports. Three strong considerations support this recommendation: (1) The United States regularly opposes export restraints on natural resources by other countries; (2) contrary action by the United States would violate World Trade Organization rules and lead foreign nations to ignore the rules as well; and (3) LNG export restrictions would contradict the Obama administration’s stated goal of growing US exports.

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Gary Clyde Hufbauer Senior Research Staff
Julia Muir Former Research Staff
Allie E. Bagnall Former Research Staff

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