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Keeping Up with the Future: Upgrading Forecasts of Political Instability and Geopolitical Risk

Cullen S. Hendrix (PIIE) and Sooyeon Kang (Josef Korbel School of International Studies)

Policy Briefs 19-10


The nature and magnitude of geopolitical risk is changing more rapidly than the ability to anticipate it, with increasingly severe economic consequences. This Policy Brief discusses the economic costs and risks associated with episodes of political instability, arguing that firms, government agencies, and international institutions must update their forecasting and risk assessment efforts to take global factors into account. Since the global financial crisis, political instability has shifted from emerging-market countries in the developing world to larger, more globally impactful econo¬mies. Acknowledging this changing risk profile—and developing better tools to predict major episodes of instability—will allow both policymakers and firms to plan with greater confidence.

Data Disclosure:

The data underlying this analysis are available for download here [zip].

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