The hoe of a crane is used at the construction site for a new wind turbine farm.

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Corruption risks loom large over financing of green infrastructure

Creon Butler (Chatham House), Sean Hagan (PIIE) and Dominic Martin (Transparency International UK)
Policy Briefs 22-11
Photo Credit: DPA-Picture Alliance/Jens Büttner


Governments and public international organizations are making a concerted effort to provide large amounts of money to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (climate mitigation) or adapt to the effects of climate change (climate adaptation). But there is a significant risk that the infrastructure projects where much of this climate financing will need to be targeted will be undermined by corruption—from bribery and kickbacks to fraud and embezzlement. The threat is increased by the scale of the climate financing being provided and the speed with which the required projects need to be completed. This Policy Brief identifies key corruption risks that threaten climate infrastructure financing and the best practices that can alleviate these risks.

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