Securing critical mineral supply chains amid Chinese and Western tensions


April 27, 2023, 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM EDT
Virtual Event

Marcus Noland (PIIE), Cullen S. Hendrix (PIIE), Cecilia Malmström (PIIE) and Mari Elka Pangestu (University of Indonesia)

Event Summary

Critical minerals that underpin green technologies are vital to the Biden administration's plans to combat climate change, rebuild the US semiconductor industry, and reduce dependence on China. China dominates critical mineral supply chains, and diversifying suppliers is a challenge the United States and its allies in the European Union and East Asia all share. Panelists discuss current US and EU approaches to building resilience in green energy supply chains and their compatibility with international trade rules, the role of major critical mineral exporters like Indonesia, and how to foster closer policy coordination among producing and consuming countries.

A Q&A with PIIE executive vice president and director of studies Marcus Noland follows.


Marcus Noland
Executive Vice President and Director of Studies, PIIE


Cullen S. Hendrix
Senior Fellow, PIIE

Cecilia Malmström
Nonresident Senior Fellow, PIIE; former Commissioner for Trade, European Commission

Mari Elke Pangestu
Professor of International Economics, University of Indonesia; former Managing Director of Development Policy and Partnerships, World Bank; former Minister for Trade, Indonesia