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Mike Mussa (1944–2012): An Intellectually Exciting Colleague



I had the chance to meet Mike Mussa personally when I was working at the International Monetary Fund as senior advisor to the Executive Director from Italy in the mid-nineties. His periodic presentations on the world monetary and exchange rate outlook at the board meetings were the most thrilling and intellectually exciting event on the agenda, and I would not have missed one for any reason in the world. They were extremely popular across the board for being insightful and provocative; they always stimulated a lively and fierce debate. I was therefore very happy to meet him at the Peterson Institute, as I had once more the chance to enjoy the light of one of the most brilliant intellects I have ever met in my life. I will never forget the cunning and sense of humor in his contributions to our Friday lunch seminars, and in his brilliant conversation, the topics of which ranged from the most complex macroeconomic problems to casual events. I will miss Mike as someone who, being a professor and an educator by his very nature, was always able to generously dispense the gift of his wit and culture to others.

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