The Iran-DPRK Missile Connection: Are Sanctions Having Effect?



As with the DPRK, UN Security Council resolutions on Iran (1929 from 2010 and 1984 of 2011) were accompanied by the creation of a Panel of Experts to provide an independent monitor on sanctions enforcement; we reported recently on the DPRK panel.  The Iran Panel has now also issued a final report (.pdf here), and there is a section on Iran’s possible connections with North Korea on missile development.

In May 2012, two North Korean entities were designated for targeted sanctions:

  • The Korea Heungjin Trading Company, which was suspected of supplying missile-related goods to Iran’s Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group (which had been designated earlier).
  • Amroggang Development Banking Corporation, which has been involved in ballistic missile transactions from the Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation to the Hemmat Group.

Interestingly, the panel received no reports during the period on procurement attempts related to missiles, although they did note that a delegation of 12 Iranian officials from the Hemmat Group travelled to North Korea at the time of missile tests last April; the visit by the Hemmat Group delegation could itself be a kind of technology transfer. But the absence of reports of procurement attempts suggests that sanctions on both countries may be having at least some effect, even if Iranian missile development is proceeding apace.

Earlier posts on the Iranian connection can be found here.

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