Arturo Pierre Martinez: Back in the USA



A while back, we decided to keep track of the odd collection of naïfs and genuine humanitarians who have been detained by North Korea; a full list is posted below. Virtually all of them ran afoul of North Korea in some way. Not Arturo Pierre Martinez, who appeared to want to defect to North Korea and was willing to give a press conference in doing so. As noted in our original post, the fact that North Korea gave Martinez a platform is itself revealing of how incapable the regime is of distinguishing fact and fiction. About halfway through his press conference, Martinez took up the issues of an American-run UFO (not drone) program, “weaponized satillital Octocopters” used for official drug-running and “infrasonic generators,” some incorporating X-ray and nano-technology that have been used to implant thoughts and voices in US citizens and given cancer to five South American heads of state.

Justin Rohrlich at NKNews has broken the story that Martinez has in fact been back in the US for over a year, tracking him down at his home in Texas. We will leave the details of his return to Rohrlich’s coverage, replete with his claim that he may now be seeking asylum in Venezuela.

But unfortunately we do not draw any positive conclusions for Otto Warmbier. Martinez was seen as a friend of North Korea and appeared to be under a kind of loose house arrest, but in a hotel. Warmbier’s effort to steal a banner was portrayed as sabotage and he has been tried and sentenced. Martinez was allowed to quietly slip out of the country as his propaganda value—such as it was—depreciated. Warmbier is likely to take greater diplomatic effort to release, effort as we always point out that could be much better spent attending to the public’s business.

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