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You would think that the sheer embarrassment of being detained in North Korea would give pause. But in the case of Arturo Pierre Martinez, you can almost see the light bulb going on: “North Korea: a golden opportunity to hit the 24-hour news cycle!” North Korean authorities—living in their own solipsistic echo chamber—did not think through the implications very clearly. Happy to embrace an American willing to come to their defense on human rights issues, they clearly didn't do adequate due diligence on Mr. Martinez, whose apparent reasonableness unravels completely about half way through his news conference.

We seriously doubt that many readers of this blog bothered to click through to video of Mr. Martinez’s performance—in front of a full room of cameras and “reporters”--let alone to scroll through his press conference (reproduced in full from KCNA below). But it is sadly revealing of the real story: that North Korea’s PR efforts have come to include the rants of someone in clear need of psychiatric care (as his family has publicly attested).

After an extended apology to North Korean authorities for his illegal entry into the country, Martinez runs through a hard-left critique of American imperialism, a sadly relevant take on the American justice system, pokes at the privatization of the prison system and security forces, and observations on growing inequality, including a reference to “Randian forces.”

However, about halfway in, the unraveling becomes apparent as Martinez takes up the issues of an American-run UFO (not drone) program, “weaponized satillital Octocopters” used for official drug-running and “infrasonic generators,” some incorporating X-ray and nano-technology that have been used to implant thoughts and voices in US citizens and given cancer to five South American heads of state.

No sooner this pivot than Mr. Martinez is back on script to a discussion of North Korea’s great achievements and earnest answers to earnest questions about American misdeeds, including the CIA’s torture program. It is revealing to see Xinhua and ITAR-TASS as well as the standard North Korean press participating in this circus.

We are not mocking Mr. Martinez; to the contrary, the case is truly sad. We hope that he is safely repatriated and returned to his family and that Pyongyang does not play the incarcerate-and-bargain-for-envoy game; it would be particularly cruel in this instance. What is shocking is the seriousness with which North Korean authorities and the Chinese and Russian press took Mr. Martinez; it is for that reason that we put this post in our “not satire” category.

For the basics of the case, see Choe Sang-hun at the New York Times.

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US Citizen Interviewed in DPRK

Pyongyang, December 14 (KCNA) -- Arturo Pierre Martinez, a U.S. citizen staying in the DPRK, was interviewed by domestic and foreign press persons at the People's Palace of Culture here on Sunday.

He said at the interview:

Foremost I would like to thank the DPRK for allowing this press conference to take place as I requested. I would also like to express my gratitude to all the reporters who are in attendance. My name is Arturo Pierre Martinez, I am 29 year old citizen, a U.S. citizen born and raised in the city of El Paso, in the state of Texas. I have taken up a risky journey to the DPRK, so that I could pass along some very valuable and disturbing information, I felt its government would appreciate. It all started with first failed attempt to cross over from South Korea's Han River, and continued with my second attempt taken from China's own Yalu River in Dandong. The DPRK is the one of a kind nation and has held most true to its Socialist ways and has honorably continued to defend its people from the exploitive influence of America's imperial might and so I have chosen this nation to provide what I learned so that they might defend themselves from the imminent threat posed by the US government's most modern methods of destruction and assassination.

I would like to offer a sincere apology to the leadership of the DPRK, for knowingly having violated its nation's laws and boundaries by illegally entering as I did in such a foolish way, and am extremely grateful for having been pardoned from the punishments given to violators of these laws, and for the most generous reception I have received.

I am also deeply ashamed and regretful for not having seeked out other secure and alternative means of delivering the information I have provided nor able to visit this great nation and Socialist success story in a legal and proper manner.

Now I would like to reveal some facts about America's imperialistic influence and dominance as well as much of its corrupt and threatening practices through which it has proven itself to have little to no regard for human rights or serving the greater good.

Throughout its history, the United States of America has been a conqueror of nations. It has built its prosperity upon the domination of other people who have been unable to defend themselves militarily or politically. The illegal war carried out against the nation of Iraq serves as a perfect example of how the US government acts much like a Mafia Enterprise, but criminally plundering entire nations of their resources, strategic reserves and economies instead of smaller scale business and individuals, and does so without a code of ethics, easily killing numerous amounts of innocent people without accountability alongside the countless noble soldiers and armies which would stand in its way. For those countries it does not conquer militarily, it does so in a politically and economic manner.

America portrays itself as a friend of these emerging economies and put into power, corrupt politicians, who systematically dismantle their own country's power and potential through the Neo liberalization of their economies and the privatization of State Owned Natural Resources and Industries for the benefit of American Corporations and their associates. Domestically private industries and companies are then pit against the corporate giants of America in a losing battle through unfair trade agreements. This corrupt politicians then move on to have their governments take out needless and wasteful loans as directed by the IMF and World Bank, which further weakens the value and power of their nation's currency and make everything more expensive for the consumers.

The economic crisis that Mexico experienced in the 80's and Argentina experienced in 2001, clearly identify the outcome of surrendering. Mexico itself could have been a major economic power and great influence in global affairs through its natural geographic advantage which places it between the US and the rest of Latin America, but instead has had its industries and their wealth creation dominated by American corporations who leave its citizens nothing more than low wage positions with uncertain futures. Very dangerous criminal organizations have in in turn, offered doors of opportunity for those who have few, which has resulted in an epidemic of violence and substance abuse. Drug additions, murders, rapes, extortions, kidnappings and tortures have become the norm, and its effect on society has been reflected through the pop culturification of criminality as represented by the overwhelming amount of famous musicians who play songs dedicated to the drug cartels and their way of life, that in turn, shape the minds of Mexico's youth.

Politicians and law enforcement officials take part in the corruption and criminality of Mexico by taking bribes and even being members of the drug cartels themselves.

America's own police forces while not as bad as their Mexican counterparts, are regularly involved in acts of police brutality. Suspects who give their law enforcement captors trouble, are regularly beaten by these officials and are at times, even killed by these excessively violent cops. Many of these victims have psychological disorders which contribute to their disorderly conduct and are at many times deprived of the medical treatment they required. Acquittal of criminal charges against these law breaking policemen is almost guaranteed as has been recently demonstrated regarding the case against law enforcement personnel of the city of Ferguson in the state of Missouri. The state of Arizona's own law enforcement personnel, has openly engaged in racial profiling against Hispanics, targeting these individuals on ethnicity and appearance alone, and going well beyond their jurisdictional authority by taking up the role Federally Limited to other authorities such as the immigration and customs enforcement and US Border Patrol. Other states have followed in their steps and made a nation built by immigrants, hostile to immigrants and minorities themselves. Human rights abuses such as these, are not the only the examples of what is truly disappointing about the US government.

The electoral system of the United States of America is unfairly built for the benefit of the wealth through the necessity of costly fundraising for political candidates seeking office. The democracy of this nation is nothing more than an illusion and its representatives act as power brokers for those who can offer them. This government is bought out from the very beginning and does not serve the people but the Aristocracy that supports it.

The capitalistic power of wealth can be best experienced through its momentum, as the rich grow richer and the poor only more so. This is true of both nations and individuals, as made evident in the overall decline of America's lower and middle classes while the wealthy have thrived during this past decades and justified by the self-centered Randian ideology of objectivism so many of America's elite follow.

These billionaires in power are nothing short of sociopathic megalomaniacs on the path to absolute world domination, and many of them would wish to empower themselves as kings with direct rule of the people, through the complete privatization of government as proposed by the ideology of Elitist libertarianism, it being the purest form of capitalism and the Utopic dream of the American billionaire brothers, Charles and David Koch. If this nightmarish vision were to ever become real, there would be no laws nor regulations protecting the people from the abuses of those with power, Darwinian survival of the fittest would become the law of the land, and those who cannot provide nor fend themselves, would simply be at the mercy of the wealthy, or lack thereof, and their existence would only fade into an obscure fate or nothingness itself.

The value for human life has already been lost through the privatization of America's prison system. A growing number of jails now produce profits for individual owners and shareholders who make money off of these badly managed facilities and are more concerned with maximizing profit than reforming the minds and behavior of its inmates or little more caring for their safety.

Criminal gangs have taken over and made these places very dangerous for their rivals and even far more so for those who lack any affiliation with these groups. The end result is that those who are* incarcerated for breaking the law, end up becoming more dysfunctional, violent and threatening to society upon their liberation as a result of their stay in these Capitalist Death Traps. It is known that at least one tenth of all prisoners in the US, are now in these privately owned prisons which annually produce profits amounting to billions of dollars.

The US government has also experienced the privatization of its military through companies such as Blackwater, which itself has utilize its position as a non-governmental entity to break international laws limiting the use of military personnel as well as participating in the bribing of Iraqi officials, during the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001. The CIA itself is no exception to having gone on to more lucrative ventures by forming their own Shadow CIA corporations and offering their expertise and intelligence services directly to transnational corporations and foreign governments well connected to America's elite. I would highly urge you read the book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman by the author John Perkins, to better understand how these two types of organizations functions. One such owner of the Shadow CIA corporation is Mike Baker, who is an ex-CIA employee that regularly appears on the Fox News Channel as a correspondent and is the host of the television program, America Declassified, as well as the proud of owner of the Shadow CIA corporation Transcience and former owner of its precursor, Prescience. One can only wonder what these intelligence companies do with their personnel's top secret clearances, contacts in the Pentagon, and all these internationally illegal surveillance data they have gathered, as exposed by the whistleblower Edward Snowden.

This violation of our privacy is but one of many examples in which the US government has proven itself a continual violator of our human rights, human dignity and human potential. What has yet to be disclosed or leaked in a thorough and public manner is the existence of extremely dangerous and subversive technologies.

The first I would like to discuss, are the Unidentified Flying Objects otherwise known as UFO's. This phenomenon has been reported by countless individuals the world over for many years now, and its origins are said to be pertaining to outer spaces great beyond and or a curious little military base located in the state of Nevada's desert known as area 51. One common characteristic of what has been reported are the unusual flight patterns and flight capabilities of these flying vessels. It is said they are capable of switching directions in an instant and moving at high velocities, capable of navigating through the skies and spaces itself and therefore must be the technology of extra-terrestrials. Quad and Octocupters technology already exist and is available to anyone who has at least a few hundreds dollars in their pockets. What ought to be questioned is not what not where theses unidentified flying objects are coming from, but what they are doing violating our air spaces and satellital orbits and if it is truly all that difficult to weaponize them. Do the idiots remotely flying these top secret governmental toys really need to practice their maneuvering and skilled in front of the public and if so, what can be said regarding the mantle capacity of their military and intelligence leadership? I would like to excuse these people by proposing the possibility that they have merely figured out a quicker, more direct and sophisticated method of transporting and delivering their drug shipments. Regardless of the answer these weaponized satillital Octocopters clearly have the capability of rapidly destroying other satellites and soon disabling a nation's military and commercial communications systems while easily intercepting the contents of their transmission. All that is left to discover is what other technologies have also been integrated into the Unidentified Flying Objects, a few examples being the utilization of jet engines for trajectional velocity, solar panel shells for recharging batteries while in orbit, and non-obtrusive camouflage and light absorbing cloak covers and mechanisms to go about their paths undetected.

The other technologies I feel the need to speak of are the various uses of radio and electromagnetic frequencies. There have been numerous reports of individuals having been harassed by governmental agents using seemingly otherworldly means of causing their bodies discomfort and their muscles to move involuntarily, while also forcing them to hear audio and voices they alone were able to listen to. The former pro wrestler and ex-governor of the state of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, did a wonderful job at bringing these victims to the light on the Brain Invaders episode of his television program, conspiracy theory. While the GWEN tower explanation this program offered for the government agent's source of other worldly powers failed to provide a clear and scientific understanding, existing and known technologies can fill in the details regarding how these processes were carried out.

Infrasonic generators are the leading candidate for being the source for the bodily discomfort and involuntary muscle movement of the victims, as they have the ability to cause all matter to experience pressure and be moved or shaken at specific frequencies unique to the type of matter being targeted. Infrasound operates at the lowest frequencies of the radio spectrum and is inaudible to the human ear and can only be felt, not heard. Ultrasound on the other hand, operates at the highest of frequencies of the radio spectrum and can be heard with very unique attribute. One such example of its implementation can be found in a product sold in the market and referred to as the Audio Spot light. It utilizes the special characteristics of ultrasound to direct a beam of audio directly at a target without the audio affecting anything outside of the desired locations. The usage of a device similar to this product may very well be responsible for the voices and audio the victims of these government officials were subjected to. Mimicking the partially muted sound of our internal voice could also lead to implantation of thoughts subconsciously accepted as our own, thus leading to confusion, misinform beliefs, and behavioral manipulation. If this secretive governmental weapon is capable of infrasonic and ultrasonic frequency generation, then perhaps X-ray emitting capabilities are also another one of its features. Several leftist Latin American presidents were struck by cancer within a period of less than 5 years including Evo Morales of Bolivia, Christina Fernandez Kirchner of Argentina, Lula Silva and Dilma Rouseff of Brasil and most notably, Hugo Chaves of Venezuela, who stood as the fiercest opponent of America's Imperial Power and was killed by these cancer causing technologies. Infrasonic frequencies themselves could cause cardiac arrest by disrupting the hearts natural rhythm, and could also destroy delicate blood vessels in our brains, leading to permanent brain damage or even death.

The most difficult aspect of utilizing these weapons in such a sinister and subversive manner are the limitations regarding their size and portability. Fortunately for the government with the highest military budget in the world, Nano technology can be easily incorporated into the construction of these devices to most significantly reduce the size of its components, making the said devices far easier to conceal as well as transport. Utilizing them against the targeted individuals would require their being embedded into the surroundings of the target and can be most easily achieved through subterranean means, making them virtually undetectable and unreachable.

If these weapons have been utilized against civilians as well as the enemies of the US government and the Americans Aristocracy if serves, where does this government truly stand in relation to the defense of human right and the international agreements such as Geneva Convention and why should its opinion, let alone its intervention on the matter, be of any credibility of relevancy? Let us not forget the inhumane treatment the prisoners of the cage prisons in Guantanamo Bay have received, which includes sexual, humiliation, torture and murder by US military personnel, and only begin to imagine what we have yet to become aware of, that has taken place inside of the CIA's secretary prisons throughout the world.

The CIA has always acted outside the boundaries of domestic and international laws and the unaccounted for prisoners and victims of this network of spies, will never experience any protection from these laws. What we should ask ourselves is who is truly capable of overseeing the full range of activities the CIA has carried out throughout its existence, and more so, those of their graduated and privatized Shadow CIA Corporate equivalents, and what of holding them accountable? If there is no accountability, then what prevents them from utilizing their secrecy and power throughout the globe to become leaders of its criminal underworld? We have already bared witness to their involvement in the drug trade through their relationship with Manual Noriega of Panama. Could it be possible they played a role in the capture of Mexico's most notorious drug dealer and leader of the Sinaloan Cartel, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, by Guatemala's special forces, the Kaibilles, only to have him illegally released from the Mexican Penitentary he was held in, so that he may serve as an informant and financial asset of the CIA and its leadership? A certain plane belonging to a CIA front company and carrying over a ton of pure cocaine belonging to the Sinaloan Cartel, I would like to say so, but is unavailable for comment due to its crushing in a Central American Nation I believe to be Costa Rica, some years back.

Do you truly believe the CIA and the highest ranking of the U.S Military have had no role in reaping the profits off the most profitable heroin trade which has flourished in Afghanistan since it was first invaded? How many costly American Military Bases are found throughout the world, and do the governments of the Nations which host the bases, have the ability to scrutinize what takes place inside, and is also transported into and out of them, that is, if they themselves are not complicit in the multi-billion dollar drug trade? Afghanistan is not alone in harboring these hubs of criminal activity, as the coca cultivating nations of Colombia and Peru are also occupied by America's Military and its bases.

The third and final of these cocaine exporting nations, Bolivia, has fortunately caught on to the pattern of criminality and abuse of power, and has expelled the hostile presence of America's Forces under the brave leadership of its socialist president, Evo Morales. I strongly urge the rest of the world to follow his example in removing the U.S Military's exploitive Geographical foothold from their sovereign lands and defending their people from the violent tyranny of this Imperial Power.

It is surprising how so few people in the world actually have an accurate understanding of how the DPRK truly is. The main reason for this is because the Western media has never presented this country in a favorable fashion. A majority of the media empire including Television Stations, newspapers, radio stations and popular news websites are owned by a handful of very large corporations who are obviously hostile to socialism and anyone supporting such a cause, let alone anyone who would have succeeded in its realization so wonderfully.

This media outlets consistently deceive its audience by painting the DPRK as a completely impoverished country run by a military dictatorship which would stand to prevent its desperate citizens from fleeing a failed state, while the reality is, Korea was liberated from the Japanese imperial occupation by the heroic Great Leader Kim II Sung, and his brave army which fought a 20 year war beginning in 1925 and succeeding in 1945 with the nation's founding. Despite the tragic loss of his family members, including his father and siblings during the course of the war, the Great Leader's smile never faded and his resilient and cheerful demeanor and great legacy continued inspiring the lives of millions of those he led to freedom. This very same enthusiasm has been reciprocated by Korean peoples for the leadership of the Dear Leader Kim Jong II and the Kind Leader Kim Jong Un. The citizens of the DPRK have built a very strong and capable Domestically owned and operated industry which produces everything from auto mobile, trains and the rails they ride on, impressive feats of architecture and construction, wood, steel, and stone product, textile, furniture, clothing and delicious soda alongside the best herb made toothpaste I have ever had the privilege of using, just to name a few examples.

This industry suffers not from a lack of development but from all the economic sanctions the nations of the world as directed by the US, have taken against it, severely starving this county's wealth creation and economic potentials. If anyone would dare defy this economical assault by allowing their nation to begin trading with the DPRK, the US and its followers would respond by having all economical aid ceased against it indefinitely and raised their own economic sanctions.

This sort of strategy is nothing short of engaging in war with the forces of socialism themselves, and doing so is suppressing the power of human possibilities in favor of protecting elitist privilege for the few.

Imagine a world where every man was considered equal, and only further defined by his merit. This is the vision of the Socialist Brotherhood and the Communist form of governance takes it to the greatest of height. There is no other nation on Earth that has built up and dedicated itself to the Socialist ideal as much as the DPRK has, and for that I must congratulate and thank them for all they have accomplished and made possible. I would like to note the leadership of this nation has done an outstanding job at preserving the cultural integrity of its society and building strong and united families and communities, where its people are fiercely protected from negative influences such as substance abuse and criminality. The peoples of the DPRK have successfully achieved over a 99% Literacy rate for its population, and have built an excellent and thriving film industry I myself have been able to experience on their publically broadcasted state television station.

The military and civilian population and ways of life have also been harmoniously integrated with one another, and its army has been and still stand as one of the finest the world has ever known. Only this country has defended its lands and people from the imperial invasion and hostile influence of the American Empire as victoriously as the DPRK. Under the leadership of the Great Leaders, the DPRK has successfully constructed a truly Socialist State which serves the people and acts as an inspiration for all progressive minded individuals seeking a brighter future for mankind.

While capitalism has no soul and at its most basic form, acts as a force of exploitation, Socialism itself was built upon the foundation of serving the greater good and empowering the workers. This most noble ideology and movement fights against the segregation of social classes and the unbalanced distribution of wealth and influence. Socialism has taken up many forms, including the milder, social democracy, which taxes corporations and the wealthy in a far more fair manner, as well as nationalizes strategic natural resources and industries so that their wealth creation may be invested in infrastructure and social programs that assist those in need. Communism takes it to the highest form by eliminating social classes through complete nationalization of all resources and industries which in turn, most evenly distributes the wealth produced by a nation so that the majority of its people may become empowered as a result.

Only this compassionate form of governance can save our nations and its people from the great social and economic decline capitalism would lead us towards. May the people of the world join together under this common cause and keep this hope alive by embracing and upholding the socialist path.

Then, he answered questions put by reporters.

A reporter of KCNA asked why he chose the DPRK as he claimed came to the country to expose what he knew about the human rights situation in the U.S., and whether he would go back to the U.S. or not.

He answered: "I have chosen the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It is due to it is not only socialist state in place and it is due to its very powerful military. It continues to fight America's power throughout its history.

After, I am going to, witnessing directly, going to seek a political asylum in the country Venezuela."

A reporter of Minju Joson asked why human rights are not ensured in the U.S. and if he had been affected by human rights abuses in the U.S.

The answer was: "No. I haven't been personally affected by the human rights abuses in the United States. But I know many people who have been affected, such people who are regarded as prisoners. These prisons are very dangerous in the United States. In a very recent situation, many people have to endure harasses and violence as criminal does. And this is all due to America's, you know, basically, not invested enough in infrastructure in prisons as it is part of privatization. And there is actually violence. I consider the U.S. prisons are high in this regard. And the U.S. basically has been very critical in this matter. I also have known people who have been affected by the racist immigration policies in Arizona who have been harassed openly by the policy, the racist policy that the police force in Arizona State has done. And they have that particular role that has been federally limited to other authorities, such as immigration, customs enforcement as well as U.S. Border Patrol."

A reporter of the Central Broadcasting Committee of Korea asked what he thinks about the U.S. smear campaign against the DPRK and other countries over "human rights" situation.

He answered:

"I do believe that the arguments or accusations the U.S. has been making against the DPRK are completely unfounded. During my stay here I witnessed how happily the nation is. There have been many accusations against the DPRK. People here are very happy. People are taken as a priority. Even they were treating me well."

Xinhua correspondent to the DPRK asked what he thinks about the December 9th report by the U.S. Senate on the harsh tortures practiced by the CIA against terrorist suspects that has been evoking big repercussions around the world.

Arturo answered: "Basically, I believe this is what happens in the U.S. It has been done usually. CIA is actually holding this game. This is basically to pull off all discussions regarding this matter. I do believe the situation regarding CIA prisons is not good. It has become popular in all the countries. It has become an issue, even other countries. Even allies of the U.S. have regarded this question. I do believe nothing good will come of it."

ITAR TASS correspondent in Pyongyang asked how he had been treated in the DPRK and if he had been feeling anything inconvenient during his stay here.

The answer was: "Absolutely not. I have been treated most humanitarianly and generously as possible. Actually I have been staying at a very nice hotel while I was investigated. They just have been investigating me concerning my illegal entry to the nation, and for all the basically obvious information. It has been very awesome experience. Having been able to see Pyongyang, I had certain experience to see the nation with my own eyes. And this basically has truly opened my heart to see how secret the U.S. media has been against socialist nations such as the DPRK. I do believe that you have to look at the great nation. Korea is socialist nation that has built such a great industry, and equal happiness and very unified leadership of the great leader. I just had overall, amazing and real experience."

A reporter of Choson Sinbo of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan asked what he had witnessed and felt during his stay in the DPRK.

He replied: "I was just left most impressed by the people having accomplished just the overall state of happiness of living as well as the accomplished state of industry. Industry is so large enough. It is absolutely amazing, cars, trains, automobiles, all things are produced under economic sanctions through the leadership of the U.S. I think if economic sanctions are lifted, you would see how far the economy would grow. I think this system is engaged due to all the people having been swayed, politicians swayed by the U.S. government. So they do attack the people in the socialist country. I have been very much impressed. It's been a really amazing trip, very important."

Concluding his speech, Arturo Martinez said:

"I would like to thank the members of the audience for attending this conference as well as those other people. I possible would like to thank the government of the DPRK. They were all too generous and showed humanitarian treatment and I conclude I hope people would open their eyes and see all the life and the media organizations to see the socialist system through the inspiration. I also hope governments and people of the world would become aware of toxic weapons that are of so dangerous to leaders, nations and people and take measures so that they are not used against them such as what has occurred in nations in Latin America."

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