Douglas A. Rediker

Douglas A. Rediker was a visiting fellow at the Peterson Institute from March 2013 to April 2016. Before joining the Institute, Rediker represented the United States on the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from 2010 to 2012. He also served as senior fellow at the New America Foundation and director of the Global Strategic Finance Initiative, which he cofounded. He most recently served as the chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Geopolitical Risk Global Agenda Council and currently serves as its vice chairman. He has moderated and participated in panels at WEF events in Davos on capital markets, the international monetary system, emerging markets, and global governance issues.

In 2007, he returned to the United States after living and working for over 16 years in Europe, where he served as a senior investment banker and private equity investor for some of the world's leading financial institutions. As head of Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa Investment Banking, Rediker's experience includes working closely with governments, central banks, and the private sector as a group head, relationship manager, and team leader on privatizations, mergers and acquisitions, and debt and equity capital markets transactions. He served on the board of directors and audit committee of international companies with combined annual revenues approaching $4 billion.

Rediker has testified before the US Congress on subjects such as the role of the IMF, foreign policy implications of the economic crisis, and the threats and opportunities posed by sovereign wealth funds and state capitalism. He is coeditor of the e-book What's Next: Essays on the Geopolitics That Matter ( Portfolio/Penguin, 2012). He has published opinion pieces in the Financial Times, New York Times, Foreign Policy, New Republic, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Globalist, European Affairs, and National Interest and has appeared on a regular basis on the BBC, CNN, CNBC, and PBS. He was named an "Emerging Markets Superstar" by Global Finance Magazine and has received both the "EEMEA Equity" and "M&A Deals of the Year" by the International Financing Review.

Rediker was a member of the National Finance Committee for Barack Obama's first presidential campaign. He also served as an advisor to the campaign on foreign policy and economic issues. He holds degrees from Vassar College and the Fordham University School of Law and attended the John F. Kennedy School at Harvard University. He began his career as an attorney at Skadden Arps in Washington, DC and New York. He is a member of the US Council on Foreign Relations.

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