C. Randall Henning

C. Randall Henning, former visiting fellow,

is a professor of international economic relations at American University’s School of International Service and specializes in global economic governance, international and comparative political economy, and regional integration. His research focuses on the European debt crisis, regional cooperation in East Asia, relations between regional and multilateral financial institutions, exchange rate policy and macroeconomic policy coordination. Henning is the author or coauthor of Fiscal Federalism: US History for Architects of Europe’s Fiscal Union (Working Paper 12-1, 2012), Coordinating Regional and Multilateral Financial Institutions (Working Paper 11-9, 2011), Accountability and Oversight of US Exchange Rate Policy (2008), East Asian Financial Cooperation (2002), Transatlantic Perspectives on the Euro (2000), Global Economic Leadership and the Group of Seven (1996), Currencies and Politics in the United States, Germany, and Japan (1994), among other publications; and coeditor of Global Economics in Extraordinary Times: Essays in Honor of John Williamson (2012) and Governing the World’s Money (2002). Journals in which he has published articles include International Organization, Review of International Political Economy, Journal of Common Market Studies, and the World Economy. He has testified to several congressional committees and served as the European Community Studies Association Distinguished Scholar.