The Transatlantic Agenda for 2012


November 30, 2011, 3:00 AM EST
Peterson Institute for International Economic, Washington, DC
Sergio Marchionne (Chairman and CEO of Chrysler Group and CEO of Fiat)

Event Summary

The Institute hosted a meeting November 30, 2011 in honor of Sergio Marchionne, the CEO of both Chrysler and Fiat. Mr. Marchionne has led the rescue of both companies and is a corporate leader on both sides of the Atlantic. He addressed the economic problems facing both and a number of overarching questions of transatlantic economic relations.

Sergio Marchionne was born in Italy and grew up in Canada from age thirteen. He began his professional career in that country, as a chartered accountant, and later became CEO of the Swiss companies Algroup in 1997 and SGS in 2002. Mr. Marchionne joined the Board of Directors of Fiat in 2003 and became its CEO in 2004. Fiat acquired a controlling stake in Chrysler in 2009, and Mr. Marchionne then became CEO of both groups. He is a member of Board of Directors of the Peterson Institute.

Mr. Marchionne was in Washington to cochair the annual meeting of the Council for the United States and Italy for 2011. The Council is an organization of leaders of the two countries and was created by Gianni Agnelli and David Rockefeller in 1983, with which the Institute works closely.

Event Materials

Prepared Remarks [pdf]
Sergio Marchionne
November 30, 2011