Toward a Stronger Eurozone: Fostering Growth and Completing the Architecture of EMU


April 20, 2013, 12:00 AM EDT
International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC
Adam S. Posen (PIIE), David Lipton (First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund), Joerg Asmussen (European Central Bank), Changyong Rhee (Bank of Korea) and Ramon Fernandez (Treasury and Economic Policy Directorate in France)

Event Summary

Adam S. Posen participates in a high-level panel on the euro area that closed the Spring IMF meeting. Other participants included David Lipton, IMF first deputy managing director; Joerg Asmussen, member of the executive board of the European Central Bank; Ramon Fernandez, director general of the Treasury and Economic Policy Directorate in France; and Changyong Rhee, chief economist of the Asian Development Bank. The moderator was Stephanie Antoine of France 24. For more information, visit the IMF website.