Macroeconomic Options for Very Small Open Economies


April 17, 2014, 12:00 AM EDT
Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington, DC
DeLisle Worrell (Governor of Central Bank of Barbados)

Event Summary

DeLisle Worrell, governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, addressed the topic "Macroeconomic Options for Very Small Open Economies," on April 17, 2014, at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Worrell has been the governor of the Central Bank of Barbados since November 2009. He worked at the Bank between 1973 and 1998, holding previous positions as manager of the Research Department, divisional director of Research and Information, and deputy governor. Between 1998 and 2008, Worrell worked with the Monetary and Capital Markets Department of the International Monetary Fund and, more recently, he served as the executive director of the Caribbean Centre for Money and Finance (CCMF). He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the University of the West Indies and a PhD in the same discipline from McGill University.

Event Materials

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