How well does the financial sector serve the economy and society?

Nicolas Véron (PIIE), Thomas Philippon (Stern School of Business, New York University) and Aaron Byrne (EY-Parthenon Financial Services)


December 9, 2020 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM EST
Virtual Event

Event Summary

Is the financial industry doing a decent job of remunerating savings and allocating capital, in the United States and/or elsewhere? Does the emergence of new forms of intermediation make a difference in the sector’s value-for-money proposition? Rigorous answers to these simple questions are fiendishly difficult to formulate, but not impossible.

Joining this episode of Financial Statements were:

Nicolas Véron, Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE)

Thomas Philippon, Max L. Heine Professor of Finance, NYU Stern School of Business
Aaron Byrne, Head of EY-Parthenon Financial Services


Financial Statements is a virtual event series hosted twice a month by Nicolas Véron that explores changes in the world of finance, encompassing themes of financial services regulation, corporate finance and governance, systemic fragility and crises, and structural changes driving business and policy trends in the financial sector.