Book Launch: How the WTO can address 21st century challenges


September 26, 2023, 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM EDT
PIIE Webcast, Washington, DC

Alan Wm. Wolff (PIIE) and Jennifer A. Hillman (Council on Foreign Relations; Georgetown Law Center)

Event Summary

Ambassador Alan Wm. Wolff, veteran trade negotiator, practitioner, and policy analyst, gives a presentation of his new book Revitalizing the World Trading Systemat a Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) event on September 26, 2023. Drawing on his time at the World Trade Organization and years of experience with international trade, he examines the important role the world trading system has played in shaping the liberal international order of the last 75 years and identifies new challenges, such as the risks from climate change, pandemics, the burgeoning global digital economy, and more. Wolff details how the world trading system and its governance must evolve to stay true to its values and effectively tackle emerging challenges.

A discussion moderated by CFR senior fellow and Georgetown Law Center professor Jennifer A. Hillman follows Wolff's presentation.


Jennifer A. Hillman
Senior Fellow for Trade and International Political Economy, CFR
Professor of Practice, Georgetown Law Center


Ambassador Alan Wm. Wolff
Distinguished Visiting Fellow, PIIE