Update on Ukraine's financial situation as war enters third summer


June 25, 2024, 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM EDT
Virtual Event
Nicolas Véron (PIIE), Maria Repko (Centre for Economic Strategy) and Elina Ribakova (PIIE)

Event Summary

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion in early 2022, internal transformation and external support have enabled the Ukrainian government to sustain the country’s defense effort while maintaining public services and ensuring financial stability.

Joining this episode of Financial Statements to take stock are:


Nicolas Véron
Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE)


Maria Repko
Deputy Director, Centre for Economic Strategy, Kyiv

Elina Ribakova
Nonresident Senior Fellow, PIIE; Director of the International Program, Kyiv School of Economics



About This Series

Financial Statements is a biweekly virtual event series hosted by Nicolas Véron that explores changes in the world of finance, encompassing themes of financial services regulation, corporate finance and governance, systemic fragility and crises, and structural changes driving business and policy trends in the financial sector.