Rethinking fiscal policy—global perspectives


May 30, 6:45 PM EDT to May 31, 2023, 5:00 PM EDT
PIIE Webcast, Washington, DC

Keynote speakers: Heather Boushey (White House Council of Economic Advisers),  Gita Gopinath (International Monetary Fund) and Lawrence H. Summers (Harvard University)


Speech by Lawrence H. Summers (Harvard University)

Tuesday May 30, 2023, 6:45 PM EDT

Fiscal stimulus and stability after the response to COVID

Welcome by Adam S. Posen (PIIE) and Vítor Gaspar (IMF)


Wednesday May 31, 2023, 9:00 AM EDT

Adam S. Posen (PIIE)

Opening keynote by Gita Gopinath (IMF)

Wednesday May 31, 2023, 9:10 AM EDT

Session 1: Helping people

Wednesday May 31, 2023, 9:40 AM EDT

Moderator: Karen Dynan (PIIE)

Rema Hanna (Harvard Kennedy School)
Raphael Lam (IMF)
Marcelo Neri (Brazilian School of Economics and Finance)
Diane Schanzenbach (Northwestern University)

Session 2: Helping firms

Wednesday May 31, 2023, 11:20 AM EDT

Moderator: Paolo Mauro (IMF)

Gabriel Chodorow-Reich (Harvard University)
Gee Hee Hong (IMF)
Michael R. Strain (American Enterprise Institute)

Lunchtime speech by Heather Boushey (Council of Economic Advisers, the White House)

Wednesday May 31, 2023, 1:00 PM EDT

Moderator: Karen Dynan (PIIE)

Prepared remarks: Heather Boushey

Session 3: Fiscal sustainability

Wednesday May 31, 2023, 2:15 PM EDT

Moderator: David Wilcox (PIIE)

Francesca G. Caselli (IMF)
Poonam Gupta (National Council of Applied Economic Research, India)
Jeromin Zettelmeyer (Bruegel)

Closing: Lessons for post-pandemic fiscal policy

Wednesday May 31, 2023, 3:50 PM EDT

Moderator: Adam S. Posen (PIIE)

Jason Furman (PIIE)
Vitor Gaspar (IMF)
Christina Romer (University of California, Berkeley)
Masaaki Shirakawa (Former Governor, Bank of Japan)


Event Summary

The Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) hosts a joint conference with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Rethinking fiscal policy—global perspectives. The conference  features keynote speeches from Heather Boushey, member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Gita Gopinath, first deputy managing director of the IMF, Lawrence H. Summers, Charles W. Eliot University Professor and President Emeritus of Harvard University, and panel sessions with experts and policymakers from the United States, other advanced economies, and emerging markets.

Governments across the world broke new ground with their interventions to limit the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Measures to help people and firms stay afloat were quick, impactful, and often innovative, in countries at all levels of economic and financial development. But evaluation of those interventions is needed to best target future support, limit unnecessary spending, and monitor and manage lingering fiscal risks. The pandemic led to a rethinking of the role of government during crises, but also under normal economic conditions.