Song Sang-ho on Cyber Issues on the Korean Peninsula



As our post on cyber issues was going to press on Thursday, we stumbled on an excellent series of articles by Song Sang-ho at the Korea Herald. We appreciate good journalism; these are an extremely useful source on the full range of issues, and are noteworthy for their coverage not only of North Korean capabilities but of the South Korean response as well.

Part 1: Korea vulnerable to cyberwarfare

Part 2: Concerns rise over militarization of cyberspace

Part 3: 'Self-understanding key to curbing cyberthreats' (Interview with Dr. Libiki of RAND Corp.)

Part 4: N. Korea bolsters cyberwarfare capabilities

Part 5: 'Thought-out policy needed for gray-hat hackers' (Interview with Dr. Son of KIDA)

Part 6: Korea strives to raise skilled cyberspecialists

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