Slave to the Blog pt 2: Special Digital Edition

September 4, 2011 7:30 AM

According to the NIS, North Korea launches 250 million intrusions against South Korean entities each day.  A few last cyber-related stories from the summer that caught my eye:

From the outsourcing reaches the Korean peninsula department, foxes guarding the chicken coop branch: Maria Kim at the Committee for Human Rights for North Korea sent along a story from Dong-A Ilbo in which a South Korean computer security exec admits that he outsourced programming to North Korean programmers operating out of China, but even how brokers are furnishing them with false identification so that they can come to South Korea to work.

Earlier I wrote about cyber-warfare for fun and profit.  Now the South Korea police say that North Korean hackers operating out of China were able to net $5 million for the motherland on the scam.

Lastly, one of the most dispiriting aspects of working on North Korean refugee issues is the ubiquitous abuse of women. The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea and other groups has done a lot to expose abuses in the commercial sex industry. Now it appears that exploitation of North Korean women in cyber-porn is not limited to China, but extends to South Korea as well. Arirang is reporting that police have uncovered 26 South Korean companies operating 70 portal sites employing North Koreans as cam girls. Managers captured the lion’s share of profits, with wages paid to the women amounting to less than 10 percent of profits.

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