North Korea: No Queers Here



Many years ago the individual to whom I am related by marriage claimed that there were no homosexuals in her native country of Ghana. When I offered to take her to a gay bar in Accra (complete with giant posters of Judy Garland and Grace Jones—some things are universal, I suppose) she admitted that there were gay Ghanaians, “but only the ones who went to British boarding schools.”

(To make matters worse, the proprietor of said establishment was a distant cousin of hers. Ouch.)

Anyway, I was reminded of this exchange when I came across one review of the North Korean response to the UN Commission of Inquiry report. The North blasted the report as a gay plot, apparently because the head of the COI, former Australian High Court Justice Michael Kirby, is openly gay. Or, as the North Koreans put it, he is “"a disgusting old lecher with a 40-odd-year-long career of homosexuality.”

(Hmm. As a decidedly heterosexual witness before the COI I wonder what that makes me? A dupe? A pawn? A stooge?)

But the part that really cracked me up was the assertion that “This practice can never be found in the DPRK.”

Oy vey.

I suppose we could square the circle by granting the North Koreans that there are no gay people in their country. Except the ones who attended European boarding schools of course.

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