Event: International Protest to Save North Korean Refugees September 22, 2011

June 21, 2011 8:45 AM

We pass along this announcement from Suzanne Scholte as a public service:

"Please find below a press release announcing the next International Protest to Save North Korean Refugees slated for 12:00 noon, Thursday, September 22, 2011.  While more and more information is getting into North Korea and more and more people are learning about the human rights conditions there, the situation facing the refugees in China continues to deteriorate.  We hear from rescuers of the increasing difficulty of escape and the increased efforts by both the Chinese and North Korean authorities to crack down on these refugees.  We continue to be frustrated by the fact that officials in our respective governments have appealed to the Chinese to stop their repatriation policy but have had no impact.   And, the crisis continues to receive little attention.

Hence, we are calling for another International Protest to Save the North Korean Refugees for Thursday, September 22, which would coincide with the USA's 3rd annual Save North Korean Refugees Day. 

How you can help:

First, click here for the listing of all Chinese embassies and consulates around the world: http://www.chinese-embassy.info/ 

If you can serve as a city or country coordinator or help the coordinators for any of the cities listed here, please let us know.  As in the past, we would call for action to be taken at noon on Thursday, September 22 at the embassies and consulates of the PRC all around the world - that action would be determined by the city/country coordinators and could be a protest, prayer vigil, a rally, or simply the delivery of a petition calling upon the Chinese to end their brutal policy.  We want to show the Chinese government that people all around the world are aware and concerned about their ongoing brutality against the North Korean refugees.

We are also -- as always -- continuing to update THE LIST of those who have been repatriated which will be available to read at the protest and events that day.  We most recently read it during North Korea Freedom Week in front of the Chinese embassy in Seoul in April.

If you cannot physically participate at one of these events, consider hosting a film screening sometime in the next few months of one of the films or documentaries on this crisis (like Crossing or On the Border or Seoul Train ) to educate people in your area and then call upon them to fax and email letters to the Chinese embassy or consulate from your area which can be found at the same link above.

Many thanks for your consideration of this request.

Suzanne Scholte

North Korea Freedom Coalition

International Protest to Save North Korean Refugees Slated for September 22

(Washington, DC)...In recognition of today's World Refugee Day, the North Korea Freedom Coalition announced an international protest will be held around the world to focus on the plight of North Korean refugees in China on Thursday, September 22, 2011.  Because China refuses to allow the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to help North Korean refugees in China, the NKFC is calling for protests, demonstrations, prayer vigils, and petitions to be delivered to the Chinese embassies and consulates throughout the world at noon, September 22, to call on China to abide by its international treaty commitments and stop forcing refugees back to North Korea to face torture, imprisonment and public execution.

The irony of China's actions is that it is causing the North Korean refugee crisis by absolving Kim Jong-il of any pressure to improve the conditions in North Korea that cause people to flee the country in the first place.  China's action has further led to the exploitation of North Korean females: 80% end up being victimized by human traffickers.

"There is no reason for China to continue its inhumane and barbaric treatment of North Koreans," explained NKFC Chairman, Suzanne Scholte, "because unlike any refugees in the world today, they can be immediately resettled as they are citizens of South Korea under the Republic of Korea's constitution."

Furthermore, over 20,000 have safely been resettled in South Korea and other countries.

"This is a crisis that could be solved overnight if China would simply follow international law and allow the UNHCR to do their job," Scholte explained.

The NKFC is calling for the international protest because China has not responded to repeated requests by the governments of South Korea, the United States, and other nations to stop the forceful repatriation of North Korean refugees.

The situation facing the refugees in China continues to deteriorate as both Chinese and North Korean authorities continue a vicious crack down.

The UN General Assembly designated June 20 as a World Refugee Day and is marking the day with a new global awareness campaign with the message: "One Refugee Without Hope is too Many."  According to the UN Agency, "Every day, millions of refugees face murder, rape and terror. We believe even 1 is too many."

According to North Korean defectors, there are tens of thousands of North Koreans hiding in China, including many orphans who must live in hiding with no access to medical care or school.

Just last month China arrested fourteen North Koreans in Yanbian who were trying to flee North Korea, while nine refugees were able to successfully get to South Korea by boat this month.

For more information contact www.nkfreedom.org"



I'm definitely going to be at the one in NY and am working on getting a group together to go. Anyone who's interested in helping out or coming along can find more information on my group's page: http://groups.google.com/group/unitedfornk

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