China Chart of the Week: Anticorruption in China


Earlier this week, the Central Commission for Discipline (中共中央纪律检查委员会) released data on the number of investigations and punishments carried out in January 2015. The headline is striking: the number of investigations declined by over 60% from December 2014 and is 62% lower than the monthly average of 2014. The decline is due to a change in the composition of the investigative categories. The Commission announced along with its January report that it was eliminating the “Violation of Employment Discipline” (违反工作纪律) and to reduce the “scope” of the “Other” category. By way of background, the Employment Discipline category was introduced in 2014 and made of up around 56% of total investigations. The "other" category has varied, but since being recategorized, the total number of investigations in the "other" category has fallen to from an average in 2014 of 845 to 128 in January. Finally a new category called “Illegal Payment of Benefits” (违规发放津补贴或福利) has been added, with 272 investigation in January, falling far short of the of the number of investigations from the eliminated category.  The average number of investigations in 2014 was around 4,300, but January's total number of investigations was 1,650.

Number of investigations relating to violations of the Eight Provisions (八项规定)


1/ Excludes the “Other” and the “Employment Discipline” categories, as well as the new “Illegal Payment of Benefits” category. There are seven (of nine) categories included.

Source: CPC Central Commission for Discipline

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