An Economic Strategy to Save Ukraine

Policy Brief
November 2014

Ukraine has experienced a year of unprecedented political, economic, and military turmoil. The combination of Russian military aggression in the east and a legacy of destructive policies leading to pervasive corruption has plunged the country into an existential crisis. The West, meanwhile, has been largely paralyzed with uncertainty over how to assist Ukraine without reviving Cold War hostilities. Yet all is not lost for Ukraine. The successful elections of President Petro Poroshenko in May and a new parliament in October offer an opportunity for economic reform, despite the continuing military threat. The window of opportunity is likely to be brief, however. The new government will have to act fast and hard on many fronts to succeed. Åslund lays out the strategy.

View Ukrainian translation published at Spilnobachennya.

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Anders Åslund Former Research Staff

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