Which markets should be centrally cleared?


October 12, 2023, 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM EDT
Virtual Event
Nicolas Véron (PIIE), Darrell Duffie (Stanford University Graduate School of Business) and Teo Floor (Global Association of Central Counterparties)

Event Summary

The use of central counterparties, or clearing houses, has been widened by policy reforms, such as the mandated clearing of certain derivative transactions following the Global Financial Crisis. This session of the PIIE event series Financial Statements focuses on the benefits and risks of clearing mandates, and whether they should be further expanded to more market segments.  


Nicolas Véron 
Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE)

Darrell Duffie 
Professor of Finance, Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Teo Floor 
CEO, Global Association of Central Counterparties



About This Series

Financial Statements is a biweekly virtual event series hosted by Nicolas Véron that explores changes in the world of finance, encompassing themes of financial services regulation, corporate finance and governance, systemic fragility and crises, and structural changes driving business and policy trends in the financial sector.