Transforming Energy Systems: Economics, Policies and Change


January 25, 2022, 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM EST
Event attendees will have access to a special discounted book rate.

Steven Fries (Institute for New Economic Thinking, Oxford University)

Event Summary

Steven Fries presented his new book, Transforming Energy Systems: Economics, Policies and Change, that examines market developments and policies that advance and guide innovation and deployment of low-carbon alternatives to fossil fuel use.  Using evidence from the past two decades, Fries makes a compelling case for heterodox energy reform strategies—including market-creating industrial policies sequenced with emissions pricing differentiated by sector—to address key market imperfections that can hold back the advance of low-carbon alternatives. The book also examines the infrastructure, institutional, and regulatory reforms needed to accelerate change and bring within reach net-zero-emission goals to stabilize the climate.

Fries is senior associate fellow at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at Oxford University and former chief economist at Shell and the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change.

PIIE president Adam S. Posen will moderate a Q&A and discussion with the audience.


Publisher's Discount

Transforming Energy Systems is available at a 50% discount (coupon code SFRI50) through January 31, 2022.