Swedish Lessons for the US Banking System


April 24, 2009, 3:00 AM EDT
Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington, DC

Event Summary

Anders Borg, Minister of Finance of Sweden, presented his insights into the current financial crisis at a special meeting with the Institute, April 24, 2009. The Minister discussed with Institute experts the impact of the financial crisis on Europe and offered lessons for US policy from the successful Swedish bank resolution plan of the early 1990s.

Finance Minister Borg is an extraordinary public servant as well as politician, ascending to his current post at the age of 38 after years of increasingly senior policy roles in Sweden's Moderate Party. He has an extensive economics background, having been the head of economic analysis for SEB Bank and an advisor on monetary policy to the Executive Board of the Riksbank, Sweden's central bank. He completed his postgraduate studies in economics at Stockholm University.

Event Materials

Presentation: Swedish Perspective on the Crisis [pdf]
Anders Borg
April 24, 2009

Testimony: Too Big to Fail or Too Big to Save? Examining the Systemic Threats of Large Financial Institutions
Simon Johnson
April 21, 2009

Paper: Economics of the Geithner Plan [pdf]
William R. Cline and Thomas Emmons
April 1, 2009

Peterson Perspectives Interview: Bank Nationalization: A Debate
William R. Cline and Simon Johnson
March 9, 2009

Testimony: A Proven Framework to End the US Banking Crisis Including Some Temporary Nationalizations
Adam S. Posen
February 26, 2009

Op-ed: Rules for a Bank Bailout
Anders Åslund
February 6, 2009

Article: Disenfranchise the Ratings Agencies
Adam S. Posen and David Smick
December 23, 2008