China-US financial (de)coupling: Looking at the right numbers


June 9, 2021, 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM EDT
Virtual Event

Nicolas Véron (PIIE), Brent Neiman (Chicago Booth School of Business) and Joseph E. Gagnon (PIIE)

Event Summary

The China-US relationship is critically important to the world, and it is in flux. Whereas analysis of the relationship in terms of trade in goods rests on a reasonably firm empirical basis, the numbers for investment and financial flows are shrouded in distortions and misperceptions, not least because of the significant role played by offshore financial centers. We will discuss cross-border finance based on pioneering work on redrawing the map of global capital flows by Brent Neiman and his coauthors.

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Nicolas Véron
Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE)




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