Witness to Transformation Takes a Pause

Marcus Noland (PIIE) and Stephan Haggard (PIIE)

January 17, 2018 12:30 PM

This blog was launched prior to publication of our second collaborative effort on North Korea, Witness to Transformation: Refugee Insights into North Korea (2011). It then kept us current during the writing of our third collaborative effort, Hard Target: Sanctions, Inducements and the Case of North Korea.

Starting this week, we are taking a pause to catch up on some other commitments. Media requests can be forwarded to Eitan Urkowitz [email protected] or [email protected].

We'll leave you with a roundtable review of our book, Hard Target: Sanctions, Inducements and the Case of North Korea, published on the Sino-NK site. For those interested, the book is available through Stanford University Press.


Andrew Logie

On behalf of likely many avid readers, thank you for all the work that has gone into maintaining this blog for so many years. It's been a great service to Korean Studies, and no doubt to many areas and disciplines beyond!

Frank Plantan

I want to echo Mr. Logie's comments and add my appreciation for this blog, your insights, and your commitment to fostering a better understanding of Korean politics, culture, economics and its international relations.


Brad Babson

Thanks for all the thoughtful reflection and analyisis that is so important and sorely needed.


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