Wet Hot North Korean Summer: It's Summer Camp Season in Wonsan



For all the parents out there sending their kids to summer camp this year or the former campers who remember making homesick phone calls to mom and dad begging to come home, it could be worse.  You could be at North Korean summer camp.  Yes, it's camping  season again in North Korea as the city of Wonsan kicks off the 27th Songdowon International Youth Summer Camp.  In addition to a large North Korean contingent, campers in attendance also came from China, Vietnam, Mongolia, and Russia among others.

In the above video, we find the campers beginning the opening ceremonies by laying wreaths to commemorate the dear leader Kim Jong Il and to honor the generosity of Kim Jong Un for the opportunity to attend the camp.  Following that, a welcoming speech was given by a representative of the Kim Il Sung Socialist League.  His comments translate to:

"Hello, Thanks to our great, generous leader, Kim Jong-un, who embraces our youth with sublimity and infinite love, we were able to proudly host the 27th International Youth Summer Camp, and as the representative of the Kim il-sung Socialist League, I give my utmost welcome to all the participants here today."

Later in the video, we see the living quarters.  Apparently, camping in North Korea means renting out a 7 story beach side hotel.  Where are the tents and cabins?  Where's the archery and basket weaving?  Summering in a hotel by the beach doesn't sound too bad though.  Maybe this North Korean summer camp is alright after all.  At least if you can handle a little Juche propaganda with your sunbathing.

See the pictures below provided by KCNA to see what you're missing.

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