Vice on Biking the Baekdudaegan



Biking through Rason can certainly earn you some traveler street cred, but how about an epic motorcycle trek across the Baekdudaegan mountain range? New Zealander couple Joanne and Gareth Morgan, along with a few friends (and a North Korean motorcade) did just that in August.

Vice has cut together a short travel doc from the couple's tour, which begins at the Russian border of Khasan, winds through Chongjin, Hyesan, Hamhung, Pyongyang, Kaesong and – here's where it gets interesting – culminates in crossing the DMZ to terminate in Seoul. The Morgan's believe that they are the first people to traverse the path of the Baekdudaegans from North to South since the partitioning of the Korean peninsula.

As far as Vice Guides to Travel go, this one is pretty tame (sorry, no drunken Shane Smiths belting Karaoke or hunting radioactive wildlife in Chernobyl). But there are some great visuals – including fantastic shots of Mt. Paektu – and all the awkward beachfront dance parties you can handle. It's also refreshing to see a doc that can get out of Pyongyang to capture slices of life that are probably closer to reality for the average citizen.

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