Slave to the Blog: the March Madness Edition



Yes, sports fans, it’s a March Madness themed Slave to the Blog.  First up, Ambassador Rodman.  Not content to bring peace to the Korean peninsula, where he is slated to vacation in August with BFFL Kim Jong-un, Worm is stepping up his game and heading for the Vatican.  For what purpose, we’re not sure.  But that’s probably what the State Department said when he turned up in Pyongyang…

Actually, the White House should stop whining about Ambassador Dennis and embrace basketball diplomacy.  The possibilities are endless. Or at least as extensive as the roster of the 1990s Chicago Bulls.  Want another photo-op with Tony Kukoc? That will cost you the Scuds.  Lunch with Bill Cartwright?  We’ll take the Nodongs.  You want to play one-on-one with Scottie Pippen? Hand over the multi-stage rockets and he'll give you ball out first. Dinner with the Zen Master himself? That will be both the plutonium and the HEU programs.  Add the chemical weapons and we'll throw in Tex Winter. Michael? You want Michael Jordan to travel to Pyongyang? Sorry, Mr. Jordan will meet you in Chicago—after you abdicate and install Lothar de Maizeire as the caretaker.

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