The Pyongyang Project Summer Exchange



The Pyongyang Project is a Canadian social venture that focuses on travel and educational programs for foreigners and DPRK residents. While many of the group's educational tours involve trips to Pyongyang, there are some trips that go to other interesting parts of the country. We recently received an advertisement for an upcoming trip that focuses exclusively on the northeastern provinces of the DPRK. The trip, titled Program for Entrepreneurship, Humanitarianism, and Economic Integration, will take participants to Rason, Chongjin, and many other northeastern cities.  The participants will also spend time in Yanji, part of the Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture in Jilin, China.

The details of the trip are provided below:

The July Program on Entrepreneurship, Humanitarianism, and Economic Integration specifically promotes a proactive and creative approach to working with North Korea, focusing on entrepreneurship, humanitarianism and regional economic relations and development. Participants will work with their counterparts from North Korea and China to brainstorm creative, entrepreneurial and sustainable social venture plans for the region. At the same time students will also put these plans into historical, political, economic, and social context through investigating variations of socialism, capitalism, historical memory, identity politics, ideology, and the international relations.

Focus topics include: international trade law and economic sanctions, regional politics, historical lessons from China's Opening and Reform, China's relationship with the Korean Peninsula, international collaboration in the DPRK, humanitarian efforts in the DPRK, Chinese economic policies towards the DPRK, the Rason Economic Zone and Greater Tumen Development Initiative, the DPRK's plans for economic development and foreign direct investment, the DPRK's domestic economy, sustainability, and entrepreneurship and case study.

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