North Korean Films With English Translation



While the Korean Friendship Association is usually only useful as a target for mocking, we have to give a tip of the hat to the USA branch of the KFA for this discovery.  While perusing the KFA USA YouTube page for the latest and greatest in Juche propaganda, I came across a set of videos of North Korean films containing English subtitles. While there are likely many more sources for North Korean films with English translation, the five films provided here are a great start.

The film inserted below is titled "The Schoolgirl's Diary" and was released in 2007. It was shown at the Pyongyang Film Festival and was later released in France. A summary of the plot is provided below. Enjoy a lazy Sunday and give the movie a try. It has to be at least as good as Will and Jaden Smith's latest, After Earth.

The film depicts a North Korean teenager's struggle to understand her father's devotion to his country, and to scientific achievement at the expense of his own family's happiness. Spending the vast majority of his time at work as a computer engineer in a distant town, he leaves his two daughters, wife, and mother-in-law to live in their dilapidated rural home. In questioning her father's values, the rebellious teen begins to defy her mother, a hardworking librarian who spends her evenings translating scientific articles for her absentee husband. The protagonist realizes how selfish she has been only after her father makes a major breakthrough in his scientific research and is lavished with praise for his self-sacrifice and devotion to the state.

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