North Korea Wants Tourism

Kent Boydston (PIIE)



Tourism in North Korea is back in the spotlight after Otto Warmbier’s death and the continued push to cut cash flows to the Kim regime. But for those still looking for a carefully manicured "rare glimpse" of the hermit kingdom up north, Hawai'i Public Radio yesterday listed an eclectic mix of current offerings. From surfing to rice planting, to a “Liberation from the Japanese Empire” package tour, there's so many options. But if you're an American, maybe not for very long. According to NKNews, the U.S. will announce a tourism ban next Thursday, July 27.

Speaking of Hawai'i, the state has begun working on a campaign to teach residents and visitors what to do in case North Korean launches a missile toward the islands. Oh, and speaking of rice planting, the FAO is reporting another drought in North Korea. More on these developments next week.

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