North Korea Themed Holiday Gifts

December 16, 2012 7:00 AM

Just in time for the holidays, we've put together a list of where you can buy the perfect gift for the NK watcher in your life.

  • Are you in the market for a 2013 wall calendar with amazing photographs taken inside North Korea by renowned photographer Eric Lafforgue? NK NEWS has got you covered.
  • Do you need a new set of playing cards for the holidays?  How about playing cards emblazoned with North Korea's "Most Wanted" leaders and cultural ambassadors?  Once again, NK NEWS has got you covered. Our friend and frequent collaborator, Luke Herman, helped design this full set of cards with Kim Jong-un appearing as the ace of spades and the leader of the Korean Friendship Association appropriately appearing as the joker.

  • Is your NK watcher still glued to KCNA waiting for updates on the North Korean unicorn discovery?  Grab them a can of delicious canned unicorn meat over at ThinkGeek.
(Kirin meat is unavailable at this time)
  • Is your Korea watcher the sophisticated type? Could they use a little help in the smell department?  Andy Borowitz of the Borowitz Report recently broke the news of the arrival of this seasons hottest fragrance, "Number Un", the signature fragrance of Kim Jong-un.

(Artist's rendering)

  • Does your NK watcher enjoy a cold beer or another beverage after a long day of scanning KCNA?  How about a beer stein emblazoned with the DPRK's finest propaganda imagery?  The folks at the accidentally satirical Korean Friendship Association appear to have a cafepress shop where you can find all of the generic DPRK themed souvenirs you could want.
(we don't endorse buying anything from the Korean Friendship Association nor do we know if it violates any sanctions.  We suggest you make you make a project out of it and design your own.)
  • Last but not least, for the more discerning Korea watcher in your life, how about some light but fulfilling reading.  Witness to Transformation is available right now and sure to arrive by Christmas or whichever holiday you celebrate (festivus anyone?).
(Shameless self promotion)


Melanie Kirkpatrick

Thanks for the Santa suggestions. On a more serious note, might I suggest that a perfect gift for the North Korea watcher would be a gift in that person's honor to one of the many charitable groups that assist North Koreans. Among them are: Liberty in North Korea, Helping Hands Korea, Crossing Borders and the estimable research organization, Committee for Human Rights in North Korea. My Web site,, has a "How to Help" tab with links to these and other groups.

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