Mt Kumgang Cruise



We've written a lot about the various tours and tour operators flooding the market with opportunities to visit North Korea, sometimes cynically and sometimes with respect. Regardless of our view, It definitely seems to be getting a lot easier to visit the country including many locations beyond the capital.

A recent tour group advertisement caught our eye as something seemingly unique. A group called Young Pioneer Tours seems to be offering a twist on the normal tour format. They are now offering a cruise!  That's right, a North Korea cruise. Perhaps after recent cruise ship mishaps around the world, North Korea was the last place still interested. According to the YPT website, the cruise ship is called the Royale Star and will take travelers from Rason to the Mt Kumgang Resort. Its a 6 day 7 night trip with 4 nights and 5 days on the good ship Royale Star. A photo of the Royale Star is provided below and a link to the full itinerary can be found here.


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