KCNA Watch: All the Propaganda That's Fit to Print



We're all ashamed to admit it, but most of us occasionally "Google" ourselves to see what comes up.  A New Zealand fantasy author comes up for me. A new website created by Frank Feinstein lets you do the same with North Korean official propaganda.  KCNA Watch is a website that indexes every KCNA (Korea Central News Agency) article in English.  The articles are searchable and commonly referenced names and topics are tagged.  Our very own Marcus Noland makes a triumphant appearance on the United States page.  If he gets one more KCNA reference, he'll be tied with Joe Biden, FDR, Condeleeza Rice, Al Gore, and John Mccain.  He has a long way to go to catch the leader, George W Bush, who has 202 mentions.  Somewhat surprisingly, 2nd place in the US goes to General Douglas MacArthur who is mentioned in 93 articles. None of these people have any hope of catching the undisputed international champion, Lee Myung Bak.  He has been mentioned in 4,799 articles on KCNA!  That puts him at fifth overall and only 678 articles behind Kim Jong Un.

Beyond the fun of counting article mentions, KCNA Watch is mainly helpful as an English language aggregator of KCNA articles.  For anyone who has attempted to read the English language version of the KCNA official website, KCNA Watch is a very welcome alternative.

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