Guttenfelder Wins TIME's Instagram Photographer of the Year



As AP's chief Asia Photographer, David Guttenfelder is one of the very few journalists granted standing access to North Korea and is credited with taking some of the first near-live internet videos to come out of the country. He has also just won TIME Magazine's Instagram Photographer of the Year for his work in the DPRK and elsewhere.

We have spoken on the potential openings brought on by mobile internet access, and Guttenfelder's Instagram feed is certainly emblematic of this effort. Many of his vignettes are effortlessly composed, conveying life in an empty vacuum of museum-like sterility. Others, however, are classic guerilla photography. Take, for example, a scene from the Pyongyang airport that he put up on the 12th [image no longer available].

That Japanese-brand TV was one of a half-dozen flat screens he saw coming off the baggage claim that night. Who is buying large flat panel TV's in North Korea? Perhaps one of the 70 high-ranking officials estimated to have gotten out of the country in connection with the Jang purges will provide us some clues.

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