The Evolution-- and Logical Conclusion-- of KJU’s New ‘Do



We couldn’t help it. With the recent unveiling of Kim Jong Un’s new hairstyle and eyebrow pluck, we present you with the steady deterioration – and logical conclusion – of the Kim clan’s coif. See Kotaku for an alternate take.

Special thanks to hairstyle name contributors at the Peterson Institute (we also do economics research). Let us know if you can think of something better.

1948 – 1994: “The Dapper Dictator”

kim il sung

[Via Wikipedia]

1994 – 2011: “The mad hairstylist”, or “Comintern curls”

Kim Jong Ilkim jong il


2012 – 2014: “The Swiss Boarding School Brat”


[Via The Telegraph]

2015: “The Mushroom Cloud” (complete with singed eyebrows!), or “The Supreme Pompadour”


[Via Vox]

[Via, a pretty great read in and of itself]

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