Events: "Maintaining Focus on North Korea Human Rights Violations"



For those of you in Washington D.C. next week, the Heritage Foundation is holding an event titled "Maintaining Focus on North Korea Human Rights Violations" on Tuesday, April 28th. All speakers and logistical details are appended below:


Maintaining Focus on North Korea Human Rights Violations

Panel 1 – North Korean Defectors Highlight Abuses

Kim Seong-min
, Founder and Director, Free North Korea Radio
Choi Jeong-hoo, Commander, North Korea People's Liberation Front
Lee So-yeon, Representative, New Korea Women's Alliance
Kim Heung-kwang, Representative, North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity

Moderated by

Suzanne Scholte
Chair, North Korea Freedom Coalition, and President, Defense Forum Foundation

Panel 2 – Policy Recommendations for the United States

Jared Genser
, Managing Director, Perseus Strategies, and Founder, Freedom Now
Roberta Cohen, Nonresident Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution
Lee Sung-yoon, Professor in Korean Studies, The Fletcher School , Tufts University

Moderated by

Bruce Klingner
Senior Research Fellow, Northeast Asia, The Heritage Foundation

A year ago, the UN Commission of Inquiry condemned the North Korea government for “systemic, widespread, and gross violations of human rights” of such a monumental scale as to constitute crimes against humanity. The commission report shocked and energized the international community to action on North Korean human rights abuses.

But what can be done to maintain U.S. and U.N. focus on improving conditions for the North Korean people? Join us as distinguished panels of North Korean defectors and human rights experts discuss potential follow-on actions.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 – 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

The Heritage Foundation’s Allison Auditorium

RSVP online | or call (202) 675-1752
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