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    Working Paper

    David Reifschneider (former Federal Reserve) and David Wilcox (PIIE)

    March 2020
    Working Paper

    Lee Buchheit, Guillaume Chabert (French Ministry for the Economy and Finance; Paris Club), Chanda DeLong (International Monetary Fund) and Jeromin Zettelmeyer (PIIE)

    May 2019
    Working Paper

    Christoph Trebesch (Kiel University) and Jeromin Zettelmeyer (PIIE)

    January 2018
    Working Paper
    Jens H. E. Christensen (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco) and Signe Krogstrup (PIIE)
    April 2016
    Working Paper
    Olivier Blanchard (PIIE), Eugenio Cerutti (International Monetary Fund) and Lawrence H. Summers (Harvard University)
    November 2015